September 28th, 2013


Solo Show: Tepeu Choc


Tepeu Choc has participated in several group exhibitions and projects, yet this is his first solo gallery show. Through drawing, sculpture, painting, installations, and print processes,  the artist approaches abstraction using color, space, and form—all basic  principles of his intricate compositions. In his pieces we find an open dialogue, from Guatemala, with the history of Modern art, passing through the Bauhaus and geometric abstraction to arrive at the textile patterns of his home country, bringing near that which is seemingly distant.

The artist does not limit himself to the use of color and two-dimensional elements; he also employs screws, adhesive tape (Radiografía de montajes, 2011), and drawings made with multicolored threads to create subtle, clean, restrained pieces. In addition, Tepeu Choc utilizes digital typography as the basis for complex compositions (“Y” Wingdings 3, 2008-2012) and creates three-dimensional pieces that dialogue with those of Piet Mondrian or Carlos Mérida, or the work of contemporary artists Luis Díaz and Diana de Solares (Radiografía de escultura, 2012 – El aumento de la línea en el espacio, 2013).

“Proceso / Process,” illustrates the thread that connects Tepeu Choc’s artistic production spanning eight years, helping us to get acquainted with an artist who appropriates fine arts techniques often dismissed in current artistic practices.


Tepeu Choc (b. 1983) lives and works in San Pedro Sacatepequez. He has frequently exhibited at the national level in the “Second and Third National Print Salon of Guatemala,” Museo de Arte Moderno “Carlos Mérida” (2008 and 2011); “Sculpture Symposium,” Museo Nacional de Arqueología and Museo de Arte Moderno “Carlos Mérida” (2007 and 2010). His work has also been included in “Horror Vacui,” Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española, Antigua Guatemala (2008); in “5-day Open Door,” Centro Cultural de España; and in “and…what then?,” The 9.99 / Galería, Guatemala City (2013).